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There are many jobs that are not strictly in the field of psychology, yet rely heavily on the knowledge and skills that psychology has to offer. It is, therefore, impossible to limit the number of professions that are enhanced by the education and formation of a solid psychology program. Police officers, teachers, medical professionals, priests and social workers are just a few professions that benefit from a foundation in psychology.

The common theme throughout these professions is that they serve other people in a personal way. You have an opportunity, through your interactions, to help another person flourish.

Often, you have training in a particular professional area or field, but may not have received the foundational aspects of the science of psychology. We talked to Divine Mercy University (DMU) about their online M.S. in Psychology program and discovered these five tools that will benefit your career!

  1. A deeper understanding of the human person: The unique DMU Model roots psychology in a Catholic understanding of the human person. Students learn about the psychological development of the person as well as the innate value and dignity of each person they encounter through studies of theology and philosophy.
  2. Identification of common psychological problems: By understanding theory and research behind problems at the individual and relational levels, students will be educated in how to recognize and give appropriate referrals for common psychological difficulties and concerns.
  3. Growth in interpersonal skill set: Learning practical skills such as negotiation, volunteer management and de-escalation give students the tools they need to confidently manage difficult situations.
  4. Greater leadership capacity: With the education and training that is offered at schools like DMU, alumni are able to bring their knowledge to the workplace, enabling them to grow in their field while transforming the culture and increasing their dedication to serving the community.
  5. Enhancing vocational path: Considering each student’s unique calling, goals and gifts, each student will grow in certainty about where and how they are called to be an instrument of healing in the world by enhancing their skills as a helping professional.

Ready to enhance your career with these five essential tools? Find out more about Divine Mercy University’s unique online psychology program!

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