Upon this lego brick, Father Bob Simon, has built his Church. Father Simon, a pastor at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Moscow, Pennsylvania, built a extraordinarily detailed replica of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome using around 500,000 individual bricks.

Fr. Simon started collecting blocks about two years before he began the building process. Planning completion to coincide with Pope Francis’s visit to Philadelphia, he began building in September 2014.

The sculpture is impressively accurate depicting a bustling Saint Peter’s Square incorporating Bernini’s colonnades, The Statues of Saints, the Vatican Obelisk, and a large a group of figurines from The Swiss Guard, Priests, Nuns and Religious, to tourists, pickpockets and Elvis. There is of course the Pope himself, waving from the window of the Papal Apartment.

Fr. Simon compared the building process to the repetitive motion of praying the Holy Rosary. “While your hands are busy, your heart and mind are elsewhere,” he said. “It frees up the mind.” The lego sculpture will be displayed at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute’s “Vatican Splendors” exhibition, which runs through February. Bernini would be proud. View this slide show of the lego sculpture:


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