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Standing 50 feet tall, this statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Windsor, Ohio is not only stunning to look at but the tallest in the world!

Located in Windsor, a city in northeast Ohio, the statue commemorating Our Lady of Guadalupe stands 33 feet tall, a purposeful 3 feet taller than the previous world record holder.

The statue began with Deacon Ed Heinz of the Servants of Mary Center of Peace, who purchased a farm for the sole purpose of its construction. After much prayer over how he would fund the endeavor, Richard Hyslin, an art professor at The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley, agreed to build it for free.

On August 5, 1995, the completed statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was dedicated. She stands a top an angel and a cloud, towering 50 feet tall with saintly radiance surrounding her made of metal.

The surface is decorated with thousands of vibrantly colored mosaic tiles creating an intricate display. Surrounding the east-ward facing statue is a pond, itself surrounded by whites bead of the Rosary and a Crucifix that are lit at night.

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