Padre Pepe: The Slum Priest Continuing Pope Francis’ Work In Argentina


Pope Francis has often been called the “Slum Pope” for his work in the poorest and most dangerous areas of Argentina.

“When Bergoglio was here, nobody really gave us any money at all,” says Padre Juan Isasmendi, a slum priest in Villa 21-24, where Pope Francis spent the most time. “So he would find bread himself. He would literally go out to the bakeries, get bread, and bring it back to the kids every morning. No one was helping him. And that’s important because it gives the people the idea of what the church is for.”

Throughout the course of his papacy, Pope Francis has continued to preach the need of ministering to these desperate communities. One “curas villeros”, or “slum priests” continuing Pope Francis’ work now that he is in Rome is Jesuit Father Jose Maria di Paola, who is better known as “Padre Pepe”.

He began working with Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) over 20 years years ago, when then Archbishop Bergoglio asked Padre Pepe to help in the villas, specifically to work with the children and the young people in the neighborhoods. He worked in these neighborhoods for 15 years, before death threats from drug dealers forced him out. He began his work in Villa Carcova three years ago.

Padre Pepe with Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis)

Villa Carcova is one of about 50 neighborhoods dubbed the “villas miserias,” or “misery villages.” The streets are rocky and unpaved, and the labyrinth of alleyways is overcrowded with shoddy houses constructed from cinder blocks and metal scraps. The highest rates of crime, violence, and drug problems reside here, making these some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in and around Buenos Aires. But this is Padre Pepe’s home, where his hopes and passions, rooted in faith, lie.

In this seemingly hopeless slum, Padre Pepe runs “Capilla Sagrado Corazón” – The Sacred Heart Chapel. The Capilla, is a small comprehensive care center for children and families in the poorest area of Villa Cárcova where no other Church presence exists. Padre Pepe, one of Pope Francis’ “priests in the slums” provides food, academic support, catechesis, sports and other recreation activities at the Capilla.

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