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Whether you’ve been married two months or 30 years, you may still be missing out. The truth is that marriage is more than a partnership, more even than the height of human love. God intends for marriage to be a foretaste of Heaven!


Seem too good to be true? The nine sessions offered by The Choice Wine: 7 Steps To A Superabundant Marriage explain that these superabundant marriages are the fruit of 7 steps that are based on:

  • Faith: God’s incredible plans for heavenly joy within marriages can be discovered through Scripture and the teachings of our faith!
  • Science: Neuroscience confirms the amazing effect that marriage has on our brains – the way we can be transformed through these unions.
  • Human Experience: Despite a high divorce rate in our country, there are many men and women who have experienced not only the fullness of what marriage can be, but also glimpsed what is waiting for us in Heaven.

Regardless of how good your marriage is or of it’s weaknesses, God has more in store for you and your spouse! Find out more about The Choice Wine program or book and open your heart to how good marriage could actually be.

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