Fox Releases Trailer For The New TV Series “The Exorcist”


At Comic-Con, Fox unveiled a trailer for a new TV series “The Exorcist”, based on the classic 1973 groundbreaking film about Catholic priest performing an exorcism on a child.

Like the book and film, the new series sets a priest against a demon that possesses a teenage girl. While the series is inspired by author William Peter Blatty’s original novel, the show will features new characters, including Alfonso Herrera a young parish priest, Ben Daniels as a veteran exorcist, and Geena Davis at the mother of the possessed girl.

“Demons aren’t real. They are metaphors,” Herrera’s Father Tomas tells Davis’ character early in the trailer. However, by preview’s end, he’s at war with the evil spirits. Tomas later recruits Father Marcus, a modern day Templar Knight raised by the Vatican for the sole purpose of fighting the demons. The Exorcist’s premiere date has yet to be announced, but the show is planned to air this fall.

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  1. This notion of the Vatican “raising” someone “for the sole purpose” of fighting demons is so silly. People will be fascinated by this topic of possession. But demonic possession is very real and there are many priests who are exorcists. (People ought to ponder why exorcism requires a priest.) What is much more frequent is demonic oppression and the remedies are not exciting but routine and require a firm resolve by the oppressed.


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