This Boy’s Make-A-Wish? A Blessing from Pope Francis…


By Becky Roach

Landon LaChance is a sweet eleven-year-old boy with a rare genetic disease called neurofibromatosis that causes his skin to change color and may also cause non-cancerous tumors.

When Make-A-Wish gave him the opportunity to have a wish granted his request was not what most boys his age would have wanted. It wasn’t a trip to Disney World, the SuperBowl or to meet a movie star. Landon asked for a trip to the Vatican to receive a blessing from Pope Francis.

The news article states that his family is very active in his local Church and that Landon is often an altar server. It was the parish priest who announced that Landon’s wish would be granted. Just look at the joy on Landon’s face when he receives the good news!

“It was a very hard decision to make,” Landon said. “I wanted to go see the Pope, and I wanted to see if this would help, getting blessed by the Pope.”

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  1. What a true blessing! Make-A-Wish granted my son nikolas his wish to meet Pope Francis in November! It was a wonderful and very beautiful experience I’ll always cherish!

    Wishing the family a safe journey to Roma! ?