Saints Aquila and Priscilla

Aquilla and Prisca

When Paul came to Corinth (probably in the year 50), he met Priscilla (or Prisca) and her husband Aquila, tentmakers by trade like Paul, Jewish, and just arrived from Rome, from which city the Emperor Claudius had recently expelled the Jewish community. (The Roman historian Suetonius tells us ...

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Saint Peter


Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles, the 1st Pope, and founder, with Saint Paul, of the see of Rome. The Rock upon which Christ built his Church.

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St. Joseph the Hymnographer

Saint Joseph the Hymnographer

St. Joseph the Hymnographer was the most prolific of the Greek hymn writers. St. Joseph is credited with the composition of about one thousand canons. A native of Sicily, he was forced to leave his island in 830 in the wake of an invasion by the Arabs, journeying to Thessalonica and then to ...

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No Apologies #68: Miracle of Lanciano


The next miracle we look at is the miracle of Lanciano, Italy. Many consider this to be the greatest Eucharistic miracle ever!

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Pope Saint Celestine V


Pope St. Celestine V reigned a mere five months. The primary objective of his pontificate was to reform clergy. He abdicated on 13 December 1294, the only pope to do so.

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No Apologies #62: Refuting Objections to John 6 – Part 2


Often Protestants point to verse 63: ..the flesh is of no avail... and claim that this is where Jesus explained Himself to be speaking symbolically. This claim doesn't hold up for at least 3 reasons.

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St. Brendan


St. Brendan, known also as St. Brendan the Voyager was an Irish missionary. According to pious legend he sailed with a company of monks in search of a land called Terra Repromissionis. Some historians believe he discovered the New World in the 6th century.

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No Apologies #60: John 6 And The Eucharist – Part 3


There are other examples in the Gospels where our Lord corrects his listeners when they interpret him wrongly. It's inconsistent to see these and still insist he was speaking symbolically about the Eucharist.

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No Apologies #51: The Church is Apostolic


The 4th mark of Jesus' Church is apostolicity. It must be able to trace her existence all the way back to the Apostles. Here only the Catholic Church can boast of Her 2000 years of existence!

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Pope Saint Caius


We have little definite information about Pope St. Caius. Iit was said that he was a relative of the Emperor Diocletian and was also an uncle of an unidentified holy Susanna. He also made up the final structure of the lower orders.

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