Prayer Petitions For March 6, 2013

Daily Petitions

Please feel free to leave your Prayer petitions and know that members of this online Catholic community will pray for your intentions. Also, please remember to pray for the intentions of others, the forgotten holy souls in purgatory, and for the Holy Father’s Intentions!

LORD, hear our Prayers!



  1. Pray for Crdl Walter Kasper from Germany for his part in the conclave, The Church, and the new Pope! Also please pray for Heather, Alexander, and Justin to realize the truth and power of the Sacraments and begin their Journey Home, that they and Meredith would all be drawn closer to God, discern His will and plan for their lives, for their healing; that Heather would find Godly friends and the ungodly would have less of an influence, be removed from her life or be transformed through her witness; for Brother Sal ~ that God would lift him from his discouragement and grant him all the gifts of the Spirit in double measure; For myself ~ a financial miracle to pay a $65,000 hospital bill which insurance would not cover or for the hospital and/or the insurance company to have mercy on us. Thank you…

  2. Please pray for healing of DONATA DECKER from her hip bone surgery.. Take away her pain and restore her physical strength. Lord, hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of AIDA DIAZ. Lord, hear our prayers.


    Please pray for the healing of ARVIE MANALO. He has a severe back and leg problem. Lord, hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of MA. ROSARIO TORRES from myanesthenia gravis. Lord hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of LOURDES PINEDA, GERHARD WALTER and YOANAN WONG from heart disease. Lord, hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of ALEJANDRO CRUZ and BUBUM MELGAR from diabetes. Lord, hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of JOSE RONALDO LIM from his kidney disease. Lord, hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of CELINE GADDI from dementia. Lord, hear our prayers.

    Please pray for the healing of ANTONIO FLOIRENDO JR from emphysema. Lord, hear our prayers.


    Please pray for the eternal repose of the soul of DOLORES DE GUZMAN, LUCY INOPEA, ANTONIO FLOIRENDO, SR., ROSARIO ALBORNOZ, ANTONINOS SAN PEDRO, MARI BORAO and MANOLO FERNANDEZ. Lord, hear our prayers.

  3. Please pray for Marie Seet who is suffering from depression. Recently she has had part of her colon removed because of the cancerous tumors, please pray that the cancer will not come back. O Lord hear our prayers.

    Please pray for Margaret who is suffering from neck & back problems and insomnia. O Lord hear our prayers.

  4. Lord, please give me the grace i need to move on.Help me Lord.Guide me through this.I know what you have for me is bigger than my expectations.please lead me there.Amen

  5. Please pray for me to get out of the financial mess I have created. I know that it is my own fault but I ask stregnth and guidance to get through this very rough time. I know all things are possible with God and his Blessed Mother by my side.

    Thank you Lord!

  6. Dear Lord,

    Please show your unfathomable mercy on the the souls that have brought there burdens before you today on this site. They are all good people who have faith in your works and your will for them. Please Lord let today be the day for there salvation. I thank you Lord for your love and mercy in advance of today’s miracles.
    Please Lord bless the marriages of Oregongal-Ted-Elizabeth-Lois Law-Louise and Mike-MRV-Elaine Spears-Willow-Jessie who all have cried out to you for your mercy and love. They all need you to intervene and restore there marriages.
    As for me my Dear lord I feel unworthy to ask any favors of you for all that you have done and do for me each day. I truly want you to bless the lives of others before me. I am asking you dear lors to intervene and restore my marriage. It is all but dead and I an begging you to breathe your breath of life back into it. I cry out to you OH LORd and seek you with all my heart and faith. Nothingis to hrd for you Lord and am comforted knowing that in your time my marriage will be restored. Thank you lord i amd pleading with you to consider making today the day the mountian moves and Karen’s heart turns for stone to flesh and forgiveness happens. I am so sorry Lord.


  7. Lord please hear our prayers as we are forever grateful.

    Please forgive me for all my sins, today and forver.

    Please lord keep all negative thoughts out of my mind, and let me live a peaceful life. Please pray that I live my life as god has intended. Please pray i find myself first, who i am, what im here to do. Please pray I may conceive soon. Please pray that my family/friends/corworkers live a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. Please pray for guidance and protection. Please pray there be peace in the world and people find themselves at peace so that we may avoid any hineous crimes from occurring. Please pray i have the strength and will power to remain concentrated at work so that i may keep my job that suports my family and I.

    • Claudia O

      I will pray for you. God wants to speak to you through His Word. Tell God you’re here and that you’re ready for wahtever he Shows you today and be Thankful for all you have!

      Peace and Joy in your life forever through our God

  8. pray for cardinal from Chili for his part in conclave. for daniel to get employment ,George to get employment, for tara to get the job she wants .
    for tara and kerrylees wedding that God will be at the forefront of their lives.
    for Demir and Easter that God ill guide them . for my family for all who need prayer for the souls in purgutory. for all religious who need prayer and for our holy catholi church.Jesus I Trust in You

  9. Please pray for my daughter Irmalinda pelayo-gutierrez God give the grace and strength during these challenging times bring healing of mind, body and soul, restore her brokeness and make all things new for her. In Jesus name! amen

  10. Please pray for our friend Nayibe, her mom suddenly pass away this morning, and she is going to travel today to many hours.
    thanks a lot,

  11. Same, please, asap. Please, dear Lord, also watch over those in the world who are dealing with the tragedies they’ve been faced with as well as the homeless, our men and women serving in the military services, and others dealing with various problems and all the sick and/or hospitalized children in the world (that they and their loved ones find peace and comfort and healing), for those being persecuted for believing in God, and please help us find a cure for cancer. Also, please watch over my little soul and that he/she is safe and I can one day hold them and that you both forgive me for everything and for those who don’t believe in you, that they believe and are saved.
    Please also watch over my family – including my Aunt Luana, Uncle Buddy, cousin Inez and my sons – and myself as we mourn the loss of my grandma, Filomena Machado. Please, Lord, let her know that we love her and that I am so sorry that I wasn’t the grand-daughter she deserved. Please let her know she meant so much to me and always will. Please give my grandma the peace she deserves …
    Please watch over my Aunt Mary – who is 100 and recently suffered a stroke. Give her peace and comfort, dear Lord. She has always loved you.
    Please watch over my friend – who is our help each month – and keep him healthy and please make sure he ensures we will continue to be taken care of, no matter what happens, far into the future – or at least until we can take care of ourselves. God bless him and his family.
    Please watch over my friend Dawn Lofgren Gallichio and her family as mourn the loss of Dawn’s mother. May she RIP and may Dawn and her family be comforted. Please watch over my friend Tina Jones’s dad who is dealing with some health issues. Please make him strong and please give the whole family peace. Please also watch over my friend Josie who lost her nephew to an act of senseless violence. Please watch over Suzie Newmoon – please bless her with good health, peace and happiness. Please watch over Rita Tonga’s godson (her nephew Jasper) – please heal him and give his loved ones the strength they need to support this little baby who was born with complications. Please watch over Mr. & Mrs. Kenyon – they’re such good people. Please give Mr. Kenyon good health.
    Please watch over everyone I’ve been asked to pray for as well as those I’ve prayed for without being asked.
    For Jose Martinez’s family – they lost Jose to cancer just weeks after his twins were born. Please watch over his widow, son and twins and give them the strength they need to deal with their grief and let them be, keep their faith in you strong and please let them be financially secure.
    For my cousin Gloria; for Garak’s grandpa, Bud Rogers, who is dealing with some health issues; for John’s grandpa, W. Childers; my friend Janie Sustaita, who lost one son in a car accident and has another son overcoming injuries and emotional pain from the same accident – please, please give Janie and her family strength and peace during this horrible time in their lives; for my friend Gianna – including her sister and other family members and friends; for my friend, Barbara Buddecke-Swarm, who has kidney problems and needs a transplant – she does dialysis; for my friend Heather Shaw and her family; for my cousin Cid – who has had quite serious injuries in the past … that he may continue to recover without any problems; for my Aunt Luana and Uncle Bill, who have been there for us during times of struggle; for my stepgrandparents and the rest of the Backowski family; for my godfather Frank Nunez and his son Patrick; for my cousin Kristen, that she may catch a break and get some good luck for awhile; for my dear friend Gerard DeMarco and all his loved ones (including his beautiful son). Also, please watch over Gerard and bless him with everything he needs to accomplish all the projects he is currently doing as well as the projects he has in the works and in the future; for my prayer friend, Maxwel Lula, who is dealing with health issues – please watch over him and listen to his prayers; for Lucy Trovao and the rest of her loved ones; For Wynde Dyer, dear Lord, that she may catch a break, get back on her feet, do well and have faith in You; for Glenn Franco-Simmons, that he may find peace and have his prayers answered and for his family and loved ones; for my friend Sully and her family … that they can catch a break and have some peace, happiness and relief and that they are taken care of; for my friend Jackson Mwangi Gichere, that his prayers are answered and his needs met (he and his wife are expecting a child and are praying to relocate to another country); for the friends and family members I made while I was married to Walter Hudson, including Walter, that they all have peace, good health and happiness (and that they find peace with the passing of Aunt Jean); for John’s grandpa, W. Childers; for Joanne and Mike Lechner and their family members (including their daughters and grandchild) and friends; for my cousin Anita, her baby and oldest son and family; for my friend Kristy who dealt with cancer and heart issues and stressful home situations – please let her get closer to you and please heal her so she can continue to raise and be there for her children; for my friend Chris Lambrechts and their families and please heal Chris with all her ailments as well as her family member Mireille and her friend Andrea who are both battling cancer; please watch over my friend Courtney and give her strength to handle her family issues (and please look over her son and mother); for Linda Krenek – that she has the strength to handle any situation that comes before her as well as deal with her own illnesses and please watch over her friends and loved ones; for my friend Kari’s friend Sahar; for my friend Betsy and her loved ones; please look after my friend Tina Jones, that she stays strong and healthy and motivated – and that her children help her out and are there for her; for Rhonda Riggs-White (that she make things right with all those she’s wronged; please allow her to change into a better person and follow your, dear Lord); and for Jose Martinez’s family …
    And, please, dear Lord, watch out for my mom and her roommate Kathy – and that you keep them and the rest of their family safe and healthy and happy. Please also, dear Lord, please look over and bless Mr. Tanner and the rest of my St. Mary’s School/Church “family and please allow St. Mary’s School and Church to get WHATEVER monetary and volunteer relief they need (and more, please) in order for the communities of the school and church to be more than comfortable and able to keep all its charities and obligations covered.
    Also, dear Lord, help me to get on the path needed for me – as soon as possible – so I can get back on track with my career goals so I can better provide for my family and we don’t have to struggle so much each month. Please allow my emails to get to the right people about my story with some positive reaction. And please keep me and my family safe from those who’ve read my stories. And, please, dear Lord, bless me with the opportunity to clear my debt and start fresh with my family on our new life here away from all the horrible situations you took us from. And for John so that he continue to help provide for us, to continue to take care of his California issues, to be a success and continue on the right path with his education and job that will ensure a good future for him and our family, for his fidelity (and for me to know the truth of any infidelities) and for his loyalty/protectiveness for me the boys when talking to us and about us with others. For my sons, that they are all healthy, safe, stay away from bad energies/practices/etc., are good-hearted and are close to you – and that my children (and that they are successful in all their ventures while keeping a steady mind and good heart/morals) – and that Garan can stay in St. Mary’s until 8th grade like his brother Garak did and that Garak loses all darkness and sees your light, dear God; and that John and myself lose any darkness in our minds and keep us on your path, dear Lord. And, please, dear Lord, help John and I live, eat and be healthier and to get more exercise so we can get back into shape (and that we pass on that healthier lifestyle to my boys). I love you so much, my Lord, and feel blessed in my belief in you and thankful for your blessings. Peace, love, happiness, health, safety and security for my family, friends and myself. And, please, dear Lord, I BEG you to remedy the problems I’ve been having with my problematic vehicle (THANK YOU for allowing me to borrow money for my new vehicle. Please let it be reliable and please keep me on track to pay back my godfather, dear Lord) and to let my family have our own home soon. AND, to take care of EVERYTHING I have left to deal with in California (like getting the rest of my belongings – without anyone taking anything else from me – and that the proper people got the serial number for a specific piece of property so I may resolve all issues involving it) and allow any trips there to be SAFE, without troubles and as stress-free as possible. And, that I get hired/showcased by the person I’ve been trying to get answer my messages. All in all, please allow me success in order to provide a better current situation and future for my family and myself and allow me the ability to donate to my church and other charities in need. And, that my children are always safe.
    Again, dear Lord, please hear and answer the prayers of my prayer friends and when I agree to pray for anyone on any given day, dear Lord, and please watch over my friends and family – please give everyone comfort, health, happiness and blessings, dear Lord. Please also know, hear and answer any unspoken or forgotten prayers I’ve not listed. And, I want to thank all of those who pray for me. God bless us all.
    I love you and thank you for your blessings, dear Lord, and am grateful that you are helping me to continue to resolve my issues, step by step. Please continue to heal my heart and spirit and motivation and please guide me and give me patience, my dear Lord. Thank you very much for all your blessings and for your continued blessings.
    Please bless us with consistent and immediate blessings, my dear Lord. I need some soon. And, please know, dear Lord, I appreciate YOU in all you do and have done already. I do love you dearly.
    I love and appreciate you so very much, dear Lord. Please guide me so I don’t disappoint You, myself, my children/loved ones and those I make commitments to. Amen.

  12. I pray for the souls of my daughter Natalie Suzanne and my parents Rene and Jennie. I pray for all the souls of my dearly departed family members and friends. May they all be at peace and in God’s presence and light. Grant mercy on all their souls. I pray for all the children in my family to be kept from harm and to stay on the right path in their lives. I pray for the healing of all health issues and mental issues in my family may they all be cured of all their issues. I pray for the end of child abuse in this world. May there be a day when there is no child abuse and all children are safe and loved. I ask this in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary. Amen

  13. Dear Lord, help me as I search for funding for my PhD. Provide me with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions soonest, and not to be carried away by things around me. Bless my work, and the time I still have left on my contract. Provide me with continuous favor. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for me!!

  14. Please pray for my 7 year old special needs granddaughter, Catherine. Catherine lost her mother (my daughter, RyAnn RIP) 4 years ago this month.
    Please pray for Catherine’s health & that she will not be neglected or harmed by her caretaker, father & their friends. They drink all the time, & bring Catherine to bars.
    Please pray that I may have extended visits with my Granddaughter, Catherine, to give her the love she deserves, & so I may care for her properly.
    Please, pray for me, my health. Give me strength dear Lord, to continue to fight this rare neurological problem that I have, so I may be able to care for Catherine, comfort & love her.
    Ploease, hear my prayers.
    Thank you & Bless you, too.

  15. For the forgiveness between family members, for the prosperity of sons, for the openess of son’s and dauugthers in law and that God take charge and possesion of their hearths and souls. God open their heart ans souls. Bless them always

  16. Thank you for today and most everyday you have give us. You have given me a family that always love me and care for me. I thank you for everything you have given to me as I always try my best to be a good person and believe in you more. Please pray for my family happiness and good health, please pray for me more to have a good health so I can return my love to my family as I always wish and hope for. Please pray for all the children around the world have a better place to live when they life is not good as mine. I know there a lot of thing I want to ask and pray for but I guess you already know because you always beside me in every step in my life. I will try all my best to be a good catholic person, and never lost my believe in you. Thank so much Lord, as I know what to say or how to start but I do know that everything I have today I need to thank u more. I just wish my mum and dad always happy together and health, and for me I can return as much as I can to say thank you to them. Amen
    Please pray for my good friend that she always be happy and no matter what happen I will always be here for her and hope all her hope and wish may come to in her soon. Amen

  17. Thank you lord for giving my son the gift of a job.

    Please guide him. Please give him what he needs to pass the pre placement tests.


  18. Please include my Thanksgiving to our Lord God, for healing me of my breast cancer stage4. And still praying for my complete healing and recovery.
    Please pray for my husband Teofilo Victor R Mindo,- Arthritis and lump on his nape.
    Please pray for my son Marc Lhean G Mindo , he has perforated eardrum (right ear)

    Please pray also for the following persons:
    Josephine A. dela Paz — kidney problem, about to undergo transplant
    Reynaldo Ubaldo — Thrombosis
    Francisco Labaguis — Arthritis
    Mercy Amistad — lumps that spread to the intestines and liver
    Edilberto Labaguis — lump in stomach
    Bernardita Geneta — Arthritis
    Ammie Vasquez – backpain
    Thank you so much. God bless you all.

  19. I pray for my grandson Sebastian. May the doctors find the right dose of mediciation for his seizures and may he not lose all he has gained with his limited capabilities. Please St. Raphael the angel of healing, please touch his brain and heal it. Please stop the seizures. I ask this in the name of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother Mary. Amen

  20. Dear Lord,
    I only have one prayer request… I pray that Jv will comeback in my life again…please hear and listen to my prayer. I want to be happy again.
    Thankyou for another Friday of my life.
    In Jesus name,