Prayer Petitions For August 10, 2012

Daily Petitions

Please feel free to leave your Prayer petitions and know that members of this online Catholic community will pray for your intentions. Also, please remember to pray for the intentions of others, the forgotten holy souls in purgatory, and for the Holy Father’s Intentions!

LORD, hear our Prayers!





  1. Please pray for Donny, Heather, and Alexander to realize the truth and power of the Sacraments and begin their Journey Home, that they would all be drawn closer to God, discern His will and plan for their lives, for their healing; that Heather would find Godly friends and the ungodly would have less of an influence, be removed from her life or be transformed through her witness; for Donny to see God’s provision in his life and a financial miracle, and that God would draw him closer and deeper through the adversity currently in his life

  2. ¤God’s protection n Blessings.
    ¤God health of mind n body.
    ¤The grace 2 know Him n serve Him in truth,in spirit n at all times.
    ¤Breakthrough in my relational life, Acadamic life, spiritual lif and in my family…(AMEN)

  3. Please pray for a friend of mine who is losing faith in God and in life so that she don’t want to pray anymore, don’t want to hear about God because she feels like forsaken by God. Also pray for the soul of my friend deceased 2 year ago, may the merciful Lord have mercy on him.
    For the souls in purgatory we pray.

  4. Prayers for a safe and quick deployment for my son Christopher, and prayers that my daughter will conceive, all in Jesus name. Amen

  5. Please pray for my marriage. My wife says she loves me, cares for me & I have done nothing wrong, but is just not happy being married after 10 years. I love her with all my heart & I pray to almighty God for a blessing that she change her mind & does not file for divorce. Please pray for our marriage, PLEASE….

  6. Please pray for my marriage. My wife says she loves me, cares for me & I have done nothing wrong, but is just not happy being married after 10 years. I love her with all my heart & I pray to almighty God for a blessing that she change her mind & does not file for divorce. Please pray for our marriage, PLEASE.

  7. pray for peace , harmony and love in our families. the spirit come into our home and heal the sick. restore the respect. restore the faith. help for the difficult periods of food and material security. for good health. from debts. pray for the deceased . may the merciful God give them strength.
    give breakthrough in my spiritual life my family live. my financial live.

    amen. amen . amen.

  8. Lord, I wanna thank you for letting me be who i am today, a life with many blessings and graces, a life that can make me happy. However, ambitions for greatness often creates envy, hate and jealousy in my heart. May I not choose such paths of greatness, as it only destroys my life and myself. May I learn to let go, to have peace and to only pursue something that You have set the road to. True greatness only comes when You are the one who decides it. I leave it to you and now, may my family and I live a prosperous life continuing to worship and trust you with our whole heart. Bless those who do not knw you, and those who have sinned, may they eventually see the light one day. Thank you Lord once again for this day. With your mercy, bless us oh Lord and the world. Amen =)

  9. Pray for my mothers soul, she passed away on Tuesday. Pray for the peace and healing of my family. Pray for all of the souls in purgatory. Amen.

  10. pray for my family for good health…my brothers and mom. and the spirit come into our home and heal the sick, Please continue to watch over my family and loved ones (and my loved ones’ loved ones) and bless us with good health, safety, financial security and happiness

  11. pray for my family for good health…my kids and grandchildern brothers and mom. and the spirit come into our home and heal the sick, Please continue to watch over my family and loved ones (and my loved ones’ loved ones) and bless us with good health, safety, financial security and happiness


  13. Please pray for me, that I would know God’s Redemptive and Delivering Grace from my afflictions. Pray also that He would guide me down the path of discernment, so that I may truly please Him with my life. Thank you, God Bless. Amen.

  14. Grant me the strength oh Lord, to study harder than before, and grant me the grace to always recognize your faithfulness. Forgive me of my immoral acts and deliver me from every evil through christ our Lord.. Amen. Mary, help of Christians, Pray for Me!!

  15. Pls pray for peace in my country nigeria pls pray for my marriage we are facing so many challenges and we just got married no jobs our finances are bad no children, and a place to stay so many things are wrong

  16. Lord, sana po mawala na yung sakit ng ulo ko.

    Help me Lord, I feel lost for the past few days.

    Jesus, I cast all my cares upon You.

    Blessed John Paul II, pray for us. Amen.

  17. Dear Lord,
    Thank you for today and most everyday you have give us. You have given me a family that always love me and care for me. I thank you for everything you have given to me as I always try my best to be a good person and believe in you more. Please pray for my family happiness and good health, please pray for me more to have a good health so I can return my love to my family as I always wish and hope for. Please pray for all the children around the world have a better place to live when they life is not good as mine. I know there a lot of thing I want to ask and pray for but I guess you already know because you always beside me in every step in my life. I will try all my best to be a good catholic person, and never lost my believe in you. Thank so much Lord, as I don’t know what to say or how to start but I do know that everything I have today I need to thank u more. I just wish my mum and dad always happy together and health, and for me I can return as much as I can to say thank you to them. Amen
    Please pray for my good friend that she always be happy and no matter what happen I will always be here for her and hope all her hope and wish may come to her in her soon. Amen
    Please pray for one person that I love will be safe in the sea and hope he will rethink about his life and contract me again. Amen

  18. Same, please, asap. Please, dear Lord, also watch over those in the world who are dealing with the tragedies they’ve been faced with as well as the homeless and others dealing with various problems and all the sick and/or hospitalized children in the world (that they and their loved ones find peace and comfort and healing). Also, please watch over my little soul and that he/she is safe and I can one day hold them and that you both forgive me for everything and for those who don’t believe in you, that they believe and are saved.
    Please also watch over my family – including my Aunt Luana, Uncle Buddy, cousin Inez and my sons – and myself as we mourn the loss of my grandma, Filomena Machado. Please, Lord, let her know that we love her and that I am so sorry that I wasn’t the grand-daughter she deserved. Please let her know she meant so much to me and always will. Please give my grandma the peace she deserves …
    Please watch over my Aunt Mary – who is 100 and recently suffered a stroke. Give her peace and comfort, dear Lord. She has always loved you.
    Please watch over my friend Dawn Lofgren Gallichio and her family as Dawn is dealing with her mom having lung cancer. She beat it into remission 11 years ago, but it’s rearing its ugly head again. Please give them all the strength, courage and some comfort in YOU as they deal with their struggles.
    Please watch over everyone I’ve been asked to pray for as well as those I’ve prayed for without being asked.
    For my cousin Gloria; John’s grandpa, W. Childers; my friend Janie Sustaita, who lost a son in a car accident and has another son being treated/operated on at a hospital – please, please give them strength and peace during this horrible time in their lives (please help her son’s treatment be successful and that he comes out in great health, both in body and mind); for my friend Gianna – including her sister and other family members and friends; for my friend, Barbara Buddecke-Swarm, who has kidney problems and needs a transplant – she does dialysis; for my friend Heather Shaw and her family – Heather just recently lost her father; for my cousin Cid – who has had quite serious injuries in the past … that he may continue to recover without any problems; for my Aunt Luana and Uncle Bill, who have been there for us during times of struggle; for my stepgrandparents and the rest of the Backowski family; for my godfather Frank Nunez and his family – they recently lost Frank’s wife and stepdaughter from illnesses; for my dear friend Gerard DeMarco and all his loved ones (including his beautiful son). Also, please watch over Gerard and bless him with everything he needs to accomplish all the projects he is currently doing as well as the projects he has in the works and in the future; for Lucy Trovao – her father recently passed away – and the rest of her loved ones; for Glenn Franco-Simmons, that he may find peace and have his prayers answered and for his family and loved ones; for my friend Sully and her family … that they can catch a break and have some peace, happiness and relief and that they are taken care of; for my friend Jackson Mwangi Gichere, that his prayers and are answered and his needs met (he would really like to meet a God-fearing woman to marry); for the friends and family members I made while I was married to Walter Hudson, including Walter, that they all have peace, good health and happiness (and that they find peace with the passing of Aunt Jean); for John’s grandpa, W. Childers; for Joanne and Mike Lechner and their family members and friends; for my cousin Anita, her baby and oldest son and family; for my friend Kristy who dealt with cancer and heart issues and stressful home situations – please let her get closer to you and please heal her so she can continue to raise and be there for her children; for my friend Chris Lambrechts and their families and please heal Chris with all her ailments as well as her family member Mireille and her friend Andrea who are both battling cancer; please watch over my friend Courtney and give her strength to handle her family issues (and please look over her son and mother); and for Linda Daniels, who died of cancer and for Linda Krenek who was taking care of her – that Ms. Krenek has the strength to handle any situation that comes before her as well as deal with her own illnesses and please watch over her friends and loved ones; for my friend Kari’s friend Sahar who recently lost her young son; for my friend Betsy’s daughter Skye (and Skye’s baby boy) and two sons, Dakota and Jordan – and that Betsy continues her path with you, dear Lord, and finds a way to control her anxiety and depression; please look after my friend Tina Jones, that she stays strong and healthy and motivated – and that her children help her out and are there for her; for Rhonda Riggs-White (that she make things right with all those she’s wronged; please allow her to change into a better person and follow your, dear Lord); and for Jose Martinez’s family …
    And, please, dear Lord, watch out for my mom’s retirement money so that it may last and last and she’s able to properly take care of herself and all her bills each month (and that she may have the money for extras, like trips to visit family members who live far from her home) and that you keep her and the rest of my family safe and healthy and happy. Please also, dear Lord, please look over and bless Mr. Tanner and the rest of my St. Mary’s School/Church “family and please allow St. Mary’s School and Church to get WHATEVER monetary and volunteer relief they need (and more, please) in order for the communities of the school and church to be more than comfortable and able to keep all its charities and obligations covered.
    Also, dear Lord, help me to get on the path needed for me – as soon as possible – so I can get back on track with my career goals so I can better provide for my family and we don’t have to struggle so much each month. Please allow my emails to get to the right people about my story with some positive reaction. And, please, dear Lord, bless me with the opportunity to clear my debt and start fresh with my family on our new life here away from all the horrible situations you took us from. And for John so that he continue to help provide for us, to continue to take care of his California issues, to be a success and continue on the right path with his education and/or job that will ensure a good future for him and our family, for his fidelity (and for me to know the truth of any infidelities) and for his loyalty/protectiveness for me the boys when talking to us and about us with others. For my sons, that they are all healthy, safe, stay away from bad energies/practices/etc., are good-hearted and are close to you – and that my children (and that they are successful in all their ventures while keeping a steady mind and good heart/morals) – and that Garan can stay in St. Mary’s until 8th grade like his brother Garak did and that Garak loses all darkness and sees your light, dear God; and that John and myself lose any darkness in our minds and keep us on your path, dear Lord. And, please, dear Lord, help John and I live, eat and be healthier and to get more exercise so we can get back into shape (and that we pass on that healthier lifestyle to my boys). I love you so much, my Lord, and feel blessed in my belief in you and thankful for your blessings. Peace, love, happiness, health, safety and security for my family, friends and myself. And, please, dear Lord, I BEG you to remedy the problems I’ve been having with my vehicle and to let my family have our own home soon. AND, to take care of EVERYTHING I have left to deal with in California (like getting the rest of my belongings – without anyone taking anything else from me – and that the proper people got the serial number for a specific piece of property so I may resolve all issues involving it) and allow any trips there to be SAFE, without troubles and as stress-free as possible. And, that I get hired/showcased by the person I’ve been trying to get answer my messages. All in all, please allow me success in order to provide a better current situation and future for my family and myself and allow me the ability to donate to my church and other charities in need. And, that my children are always safe.
    Again, dear Lord, please hear and answer the prayers of my prayer friends and when I agree to pray for anyone on any given day, dear Lord, and please watch over my friends and family – please give everyone comfort, health, happiness and blessings, dear Lord. Please also know, hear and answer any unspoken or forgotten prayers I’ve not listed. And, I want to thank all of those who pray for me. God bless us all.
    I love you and thank you for your blessings, dear Lord, and am grateful that you are helping me to continue to resolve my issues, step by step. Please continue to heal my heart and spirit and motivation and please guide me and give me patience, my dear Lord. Thank you very much for all your blessings and for your continued blessings.
    Please bless us with consistent and immediate blessings, my dear Lord. I need some soon. And, please know, dear Lord, I appreciate YOU in all you do and have done already. I do love you dearly.
    I love and appreciate you so very much, dear Lord. Amen.

  19. Please pray for my husband and I that we may be blessed with a child of our own. We have been married 7 years and together 11 1/2 years. We want nothing more than to raise a child in God’s light. We continue to pray that the Lord have mercy and grace our lives with a new life.