Prayer Petitions For August 15, 2011

Daily Petitions

Please feel free to leave your Prayer petitions and know that members of this online Catholic community will pray for your intentions. Also, please remember to pray for the intentions of others, the forgotten holy souls in purgatory, and for the Holy Father’s Intentions!

LORD, hear our Prayers!



  1. Lord, please I know I haven’t be a very good person and sometime I have lost believe in you but I have a friend who is going to have an operation this Wednesday and the operation is going to be a bit risky…Lord I really don’t know what to say or write with now cos all my feeling is very scare and worry for that person…Please help that person go through the operation successful, even though some cancer can not be heal all but pray he can live a bit more longer so that he can do what he want to do that before he didn’t have that time to do cos he have to take care and work so hard for his family back home and didn’t have time for his self…Please pray for him….Amen

  2. Oh God please please do not look on my sin, I know that I have offended you, but please lord have mercy on me and rescue me from the mess that I have put myself. Please lord do not allow my family to be separated in Jesus name. Amen

  3. O Lord, thank You for everything. Please keep on healing my kidneys and removing the proteins in my urine. Protect the world from any danger. Always bless everyone. Forgive us our sins, have mercy on us sinners. Make all of us healthy including plants and animals. Blessed John Paul II, pray for us. Amen.

  4. please help me pray for healing from cancer for my dad and my two aunts. also please help me pray for healing from sciatica for my mom. thank you!

  5. Still praying for the reconciliation of a separated couple and for the young man to realize the truth and power of the Sacraments and his healing. For Jack’s alcoholism, Adriana’s emotional issues, grieving families, financial help and healing for Patti

  6. Dear Lord, give me the patience and trust in Thy will to do the best for our family. Help us to wait patiently for You to live as true Christians and place our trust in
    Thy will to show a good girl for my son

  7. Asking for special prayers for my dear friend Mark who is battling lymphoma, along with other underlying illnesses and obstacles making treatment difficult. Prayers for strength, courage and healing.

  8. Lord help my prayers to help the others on this site asking for help
    Please give strength to the brave father of the young man killed in England and to the other families too

    Please keep my two sons close to you Keep them safe and in your sight

    Please also keep safe my other son Steven Keep his heart with you and look after his wife and 2 children also
    keep safe my ugandan friend and all others I know that need help lord
    Please also keep me strong and safe lord give me the strength I need for all that is in front of me God bless all

  9. That my husband and I may be given the knowledge of God’s will in our lives; that we may be given the grace to accept that will and the fortitude needed to see it through. May we both be filled with peace, joy, and hope for the future.

  10. please pray for my situation ~ managing at least four (possibly five or more; need a thorough diagnosis) chronic health conditions from childhood (now in my sixth decade of life) ~ am without ability to work full-time on my own; will reapply for SSI Disability in a few weeks; have managed on miracles, faith, and ignorance of the full ramifications of the health thing until now ~ thank you for your prayers!

  11. Prayers for my brother who has job interviews today, for my son who is going to Franciscan University, for my daughter and her boyfriend, and for my husband.

  12. For my preemie daughter to grow and thrive and be healthy.

    For my neighbor Sheryl who passed away and for her husband and family.

    For my husband to financially support our family, for him to handle stress without being overwhelmed and angry. For my husband to be the spiritual leader of our family. For my husband to do well in school.

    Thank you for further assistance to send our children to Catholic School.

    For us to avoid bankruptcy and to be able to meet all our obligations.

    That we will be able to send the kids to Catholic School for 2011-2012 and will have the money needed for the full tuition in July.

    For us to find a way to continue to keep and afford health insurance coverage.

    For a quick restoration of the Gulf Coast ecology and economy.

    For an end to abortion in the US.

    For my brother Michael and his family.

    For my sisters and their families.

    For all of my brothers and sisters and their spouses.

    For my brother John.

    For Cynthia L. and the healing of her family

    For Damien K. and Josephine K.and their family. For Josephine’s sister and her sister’s kids.

    For the conversion of Kevin F and for his brother. For Kevin F. to find do well at his job and maintain employment.

    For my children to be treated well by the other children at school and for my oldest son not to be bullied or teased

    For me and my husband to excel at our studies and balance our family responsibilities so that our children don’t suffer while we try to go to school, support our family and raise them.

  13. Same, please, asap. Please, dear Lord, also watch over those in the world who are dealing with the tragedies they’ve been faced with. Also, please watch over my little soul and that he/she is safe and I can one day hold them and that you both forgive me for everything; please help my cousin Cid to continue to recover from his injuries, for my godfather Frank Nunez and his family for all they are dealing with right now, for my friend Kristy who found out she has cancer in her ovar(ies) and is awaiting results to see if it has spread to her uterus and is facing a hysterectomy and is dealing also with heart issues and stressful home situations; for my friend Kari’s friend Sahar who just lost her 11-year-old son to heart problems (please watch over the family and their friends as they cope with the aftermath that they find some comfort for their aching hearts), for Gianna’s sister and their families to cope and overcome and for Joanne’s niece Frances Lantz Horn who is dealing with the aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri tornado. Also, please watch out for my friend Betsy’s daughter Skye and two sons, Dakota and Jordan. And that Betsy continues her path with you, dear Lord, and finds a way to control her anxiety and depression. And, please look after Rhonda Riggs-White so that she might find peace and comfort and a job and a home to call her own. Please also look after John’s grandpa. And, please, dear Lord, watch out for my mom’s retirement money so that it may last and last and she’s able to properly take care of herself and all her bills each month (and that she may have the money for extras, like trips to visit family members who live far from her home) and that you keep her and the rest of my family safe and healthy and happy.
    Also, dear Lord, help me to get on the path needed for me – as soon as possible – so I can get back on track with my career goals so I can better provide for my family and we don’t have to struggle so much each month. Please allow my emails to get to the right people about my story with some positive reaction. And, please, dear Lord, bless me with the opportunity to clear my debt and start fresh with my family on our new life here away from all the horrible situations you took us from. And for John so that he continue to help provide for us, take care of his California issues, for his fidelity (and for me to know the truth of any infidelities) and for his loyalty/protectiveness for me the boys when talking to us and about us with others. For my sons, that they are all healthy, safe, good-hearted and close to you – and that my children (and that they are successful in all their ventures while keeping a steady mind and good heart/morals), John and myself lose any darkness in our minds and keep us on your path, dear Lord. I love you so much, my Lord, and feel blessed in my belief in you and thankful for your blessings. Peace, love, happiness, health, safety and security for my family, friends and myself. And, please, dear Lord, I beg you to remedy the problems I’ve been having with my vehicle and to let my family have our own home soon. AND, to take care of EVERYTHING I have left to deal with in California (belongings and transfer of all I need to have re-registered with others).
    Please hear and answer when I agree to pray for anyone on any given day, dear Lord, and please watch over my friends and family – please give everyone comfort, health, happiness and blessings, dear Lord. Please also know, hear and answer any unspoken or forgotten prayers I’ve not listed. And, I want to thank all of those who pray for me. God bless us all. I love you and thank you for your blessings, dear Lord. Amen.

  14. Dear Lord Thank you for a day well spent. I thank you for your love and care and for your blessing in my life i thank you also for my family and friends and i pray for your continuous guidance and protection and blessing in our lives. Lord i pray this special day for a life partner. Oh Lord grant me this request when the Canaanite woman cried out for help you helped her Lord came to my aid and grant me my heart desire because i have cried out in the same way Lord help me. Amen

  15. Thank you Jesus for your mercies, protection and compassion on me, my son and every members of my family. Thank you purest virgin for your continuous intercession, pls my mama, continue to pray for of until my request is granted. Pls present my petitions at the glorious feet of Our lord jesus Christ. Praying for God’s open door to success, fruitfulness, mercies,a catholic life partner that is close to God in blessed Sacrament,divine intervention and sacrament of Holy matrimony. Praying for fruit of womb for Ngozi, praying for the dying and troubled heart that you comfort them in their needs. Thank you Jesus for the answered prayers, in Jesus mighty name i pray,amen.

  16. Please I pray for help with suffering recent depression. I am finding myself insecure in my marriage, with my financial situation and peace of mind. Please I pray to give me the courage to surrender to the will of God and that in this surrender he will be merciful to me.

  17. Oh God please please do not look on my sin, I know that I have offended you, but please lord have mercy on me and rescue me from the mess that I have put myself. Please lord do not allow my family to be separated in Jesus name.
    Virgnia and Ronnie. Amen

  18. Lord Have Mercy on my sweet Cousin Genny I love her like you do, only you Lord know the torment that she is in,Bless her Father in his time at the end of his life, Please Lord cover him in your Mercy, Bless my Sweet Aunt Nell give her your peace as you know her Lifes work as one of your Prayer Warriors all of her life before you took her right mind away. Have mercy on my entire family
    all of them are weak in tghe mind and know that I love you my Lord.

  19. Kindly Pray to my Son JOSEPH ANGELO TAGUDENA GUTIERREZ he need your PRayers my special intentions is : Stronger Faith ,(he never attended massess , say rosaries, nor pray in his thought , nor pray for himself , nor visit bsd sacrament and Church as we did before ) forgiveness of his Sins and Convertion as a Sinner ,( he did many sins esp. in 10 Commandments of God ,he lives w/ agirl friend but they can not be marry because they are young , he learn many things esp about the money w/c he never did before he say bad words and he never listenin any advices w/c he never did before,)HEALING OF HIS SICKNESS and GOOD HEALTH Salvation from any dangers sins,( he have met many dangers before Please pray )(in thought, word , deed(action )Speech)from Bad conscience ,from curses & cult,( we have been under the practices of spell and cult by others we /he received many wounds ) Salvation of his LIFE and SOUL .(please pray that he may be save )For his GOOd Education and Finished studies,( The 3 years course become 4years he got back subject to attend to finish it. he ‘s having a hard time in memory please pray ) For all the graces and Blessings,( he’s having a hard time in graces esp. Virtues ,ethics , manners, following the commandment of god )Please Pray for the BLESSINGS of FINACIAL and SPIRITUAL that he may have agood job, fortune and success in life.Please pray that he may be good Son, agood Father, agood husband w/ fear in God .Please pray for that all the bad spells or spirits will be cast -away by the Spirit of “Holy Spirit and angels in Heaven and through the help of blessed Virgin mary and our LOrd Jesus and through your help by praying for his goodness and become the good follower of Jesus Christ .Kindly help through your prayers .Include me also in your Prayers Herminia Tagudena Gutierrez, and Ricardo B. gutierrez (His Parents ) Tagudena’s Estanoco’s, Baet’s , Sta. Maria,s, Biaco’s Tagudena, arsenia, rosalinda, hermogenes, John psaul (we are all in need of prayers, for healing of our sickness , save our life in any dangers, someone practices us in curses , cult Because of other families nature kindly pray for us and others to be save from any kind of practices made by witchcraft (occult and cult or spell ,&curses )God bless. Thank you!!

    Kindly remember us always in your prayers , rosaries ,devotions ,adoration and your daily massess and offering some of your sacrifices for us .We / I too ask prayers from others , and also pray and ateende novena’s . God bless .Thank you.

  20. to all devotees ‘
    pleas epray for all of us in healing of all sickness in healing of alll filipino people . may god cure them those who need operation for those who are gone in any operation for gloria macapagal arroyo and his husband Mike arroyo , may god heal them. For peace through out the world in all country’s especially those who experienced war,those who need peace , for those who wants to change their government , for those who need foods , and clothes and shelters, for those who needs financials , for those who need help in other countries and also in tjhe philippines all weneed o lord grant us and answered all our prayers g. for those who have died in war ot in civilian wars , for those who suffere differences and trials, for those who experienced curses, cult, hes, insects spell ,hypnotism . may the lord jesus christ heal Us and save us save our life save our soul amen. Pray for all poor people , pray for all people in the streets, pray for all people in the hospitals, pray for all peole old and childrens in Icu and pray for all bortionist , pray for those whoabport their childrens, Pray for the poor sous in purgatory ..pray for the Finacial nessd , for Good jobs, and Pray for the Success of others , pray fous all Blessed virgin Mary ,
    I prayed for all my intention be granted by god especially my intention in all convents , for son , for husband , formy families , brother and sisters and relatives. I pary for all this intention may god granted all the people who is looking for jobs and for those children who are studying may fgod help their studies and finished thenm w/ good grades and may god help them to have good fortune and success in life . amen.

  21. Hi i am Jeffrey, and i was wandering if you can pray for my friend Clint Nielson to heal completely cause he cried yesterday cause he thought he would never get better 🙁