A complete guide with easy to follow videos and diagrams showing how to make a Palm Cross
How did the Bible become divided into its chapters and verses?
Science historians crediting medieval Catholic mathematicians and philosophers as the founders of modern science. Historically, no scientific field has benefitted more from members of the Faith than seismology. How did seismology become known as the Jesuit science?
Upon this lego brick, Father Bob Simon, has built his Church.
Father Kapaun was a chaplain with the U.S. Army in Korea, where he was captured by Chinese soldiers. He died in a prisoner of war camp. He is on the path to sainthood.
I have instant access to all of the news I want right on my phone. For better or worse, I can read instant reactions from people on Twitter. All of this has profound ramifications for how we Catholics can spread the Gospel.
Many mothers or soon-to-be-mothers around the world have little to no access to proper medical care, nutrition, birthing centers, and post-natal care.
At the Jesuit-run Marquette University stands the oldest structure in Milwaukee, the Chapel of St. Joan of Arc, built in the early 1400's, nearly 100 years before Columbus set sail for the New World. How did a medieval French chapel come...
Here are 6 quotes from Lumen Fidei that I think speak to the Seeker, to the person searching for God and searching for meaning in life. I will quote them as the answers to the assumed questions that I imagine the Pope is trying to answer for the spiritual seeker.
Of the 3 major monotheistic faiths of the world - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, only Christians consume pork, while the others consider it "unclean" or "haram"