If you’ve discovered that your spouse is viewing pornography, you could be experiencing a whole host of reactions. Perhaps you are mad, you feel betrayed, you are sad, or you don’t know how you should feel or what you...
Fox unveiled a trailer for a new TV series "The Exorcist", based on the classic 1973 groundbreaking film about Catholic priest performing an exorcism on a child.
Two news items from last week put me in mind of St. Irenaeus and the battle he waged, nineteen centuries ago, against the Gnostic heresy. The first was the emergence of Bruce Jenner as a “woman” named Caitlyn, and the second was a “shadow council” that took place in Rome and apparently called for the victory of a theology of love over John Paul II’s theology of the body.
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump released a press statement today calling it 'disgraceful' that the Holy Father and Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis would "question a person’s faith". This is in response to comments made by the Successor of Peter, and the Vicar of...
Pope Francis signed a decree approving the beatification of Takayama Ukon (高山右近), a Japanese Samurai who is considered a Martyr.
The Bishop of Legnica, Zbigniew Kiernikowski, announced on April 17 that a reported "bleeding Host" that “has the hallmarks of a Eucharistic miracle” was approved for veneration in Poland. According to his announcment “On 25th December, 2013 during the distribution of the...
The line that runs from Newman to Murphy to Tolkien to Colbert was not dumb chance, a mere coincidence; rather, it was an instance of the slow but sure unfolding of the divine plan.
This is the oldest known footage of a Pope in existence. This film of Pope Leo XIII was created in 1896.
Tribute to Catholics of African Descent

Rules For Lent

During Lent, The Church calls Catholics to a spirit of penance, above all fasting, prayer and almsgiving, "which express conversion in relation to oneself, to God, and to others