As we near the end of The Year of Mercy, many people are asking themselves if they have fully lived out the goals and ideals of this mission of mercy promoted by Pope Francis. They know it would be a shame...
In John 6, was Jesus saying the Eucharist is LITERALLY His body?
This year, your bishops are asking you to dedicate yourself to a particular pilgrimage, praying for the protection of all life over a 9-day novena.
In the case of the altar server, we become more aware of how our gestures are truly powerful means of communication. Even when we do not realize it, how we stand, how we sit, how we move, speaks to those around us: for better or for worse.
As Catholics, we belong to a long history of beards so magnificent they could never hope to be confined to single month. The face furniture of our early Fathers alone is resplendent enough to make Gandalf weep with envy (looking at you, First Council of Nicea).
Check out this video of Brother Isaiah, CFR performing "Jacob's Song".
Presidential Candidate Donald Trump released a press statement today calling it 'disgraceful' that the Holy Father and Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis would "question a person’s faith". This is in response to comments made by the Successor of Peter, and the Vicar of...
Every person in the United States of America has probably recited the Pledge of Allegiance at one point in their lives. However, most of us probably don't know where it came from, or that "under God" wasn't always part of it. How did the Knights of Columbus help have it added?

What is Vocation?

So often the word vocation can seem intimidating or something that we run away from. Sometimes when I say the word people respond with, "Oh no... I don't want to be a priest!" LOL. But in this video Jim...
"That sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice."