Today's chickens are bred to be very passive with little fear of humans and an ability to lay many eggs quickly. However, chickens were not always the easy-going birds they are today. If you can't get enough of chicken or eggs, you should probably thank medieval Catholic monks.

Just Keep Swimming

Discover what the Finding Dory creator and a little guy from Rhode Island have in common.
Long before Pope Francis' encyclical on the environment, the Vatican and Catholic Church were always leaders at the forefront of advocating for environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Today, the Vatican is the greenest nation in the World.
In a new commercial for the Christmas season, Amazon Prime shows "two old friends meet for a cup of tea and discover they share a problem."
According to reports, Pope Francis granted a private audience with a transgendered man and his fiancee
I’m not sure how a therapist with a Catholic-Christian worldview would operate differently from a secular therapist. Can you help me understand the difference?
Recent speculation about the health of Pope Francis is receiving even more fuel amid the announcement by the official Vatican News service that the pontiff will dramatically curtail his activities for the next month. After being in seemingly constant motion since taking the Chair of St. Peter, the 77-year Pontiff has been noticeably fatigued following a particularly grueling stretch that included his trip the Middle East.
In the midst of this Lenten season, many of us are getting back to what really matters. Sacrificing chocolate, our social media use or other comforts, has hopefully helped us focus on our relationship with the Lord and following...
For four days this July, hundreds of Catholics will flock to Napa Valley. But it won’t be for the wine.
Perhaps no other institution on Earth truly values and esteems women like the Catholic Church.