Perhaps no other institution on Earth truly values and esteems women like the Catholic Church.
Despite intense restrictions, over a million Catholics live in Saudi Arabia and practice their faith in private.
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Pope Francis turns 80-years old today! Here are 5 pictures of his childhood Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis
Who set the Calendar? Why is New Year's Day on January 1? Why are there leaps years? Where does April Fool's Day come from? Thank the Catholic Church and Pope Gregory XIII's Papal Bull "Inter Gravissimas".
Here are 7 great Catholic must have apps for your iOS devices
The Holy Father Pope Francis' released Laudato Si', his ecological encyclical on "Care For Our Common Home". Here is selecting of quotes from the encyclical.
The actor is deeply involved in the environmental activism movement, which the Pope has become a key figure in since the publication of "Laudato Si.”
Aboard the papal plane from Seoul to Rome, Pope Francis spoke about the need for the international community to "stop" the Islamic State.
We owe, in large part, the preservation of this Gregorian Chant to the monks of Solesmes Abbey.