Despite the claims of internet conspiracy theorists, Easter is simply not named after Ishtar.
Check out our visual overview of what to expect and how to get the most out of the three holiest days of the year.
The Bishop of Legnica, Zbigniew Kiernikowski, announced on April 17 that a reported "bleeding Host" that “has the hallmarks of a Eucharistic miracle” was approved for veneration in Poland. According to his announcment “On 25th December, 2013 during the distribution of the...
A complete guide with easy to follow videos and diagrams showing how to make a Palm Cross
While we look through all of our clothes and say we have nothing to wear, there are literally millions of children in this world wearing dirty and torn rags
Do we know Jesus’ blood type? An amazing “coincidence” between Eucharistic miracles and relics from the life of Jesus Christ suggests that we might.
Halloween's origins are, in fact, very Christian. Halloween falls on October 31 because of a Pope, and its observances are the result of medieval Catholic piety.
Who set the Calendar? Why is New Year's Day on January 1? Why are there leaps years? Where does April Fool's Day come from? Thank the Catholic Church and Pope Gregory XIII's Papal Bull "Inter Gravissimas".
Rievaulx Abbey was once one of the most important Catholic abbeys in England before it was destroyed on the orders of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell in 1538.
At the Jesuit-run Marquette University stands the oldest structure in Milwaukee, the Chapel of St. Joan of Arc, built in the early 1400's, nearly 100 years before Columbus set sail for the New World. How did a medieval French chapel come...