Pope St. John Paul II died at the ripe old age of 84. But did you know he was nearly killed at least 4 times during his lifetime?
While we look through all of our clothes and say we have nothing to wear, there are literally millions of children in this world wearing dirty and torn rags
Who set the Calendar? Why is New Year's Day on January 1? Why are there leaps years? Where does April Fool's Day come from? Thank the Catholic Church and Pope Gregory XIII's Papal Bull "Inter Gravissimas".
A photographer caught the amazing moment when a polar bear appeared to start praying in front of the Cross in Newfoundland.
Right now, there are nearly a billion children living in poverty, innocently dreaming for the simplest things in life... how will you respond?
The incredible story of a saint who lived on top of a pillar for decades!
Haven’t heard of St. Lidwina of Schiedam? That’s okay – she’s not exactly the most famous saint of the Church. But, boy, did she have quite the vision of Purgatory!
Most of the time when people think of exorcisms, they think of dramatic situations, but did you know that an exorcism is performed with something as common as the rite of baptism?
Right now, in this world, there nearly two billion people calling out to YOU for just a drop of clean, cooling water... how will you respond?
Have you walked past Christ and His Angels and not realized it?