Pope Francis has often been called the "Slum Pope" for his work in the poorest and most dangerous areas of Argentina. “When Bergoglio was here, nobody really gave us any money at all,” says Padre Juan Isasmendi, a slum priest...
The furry pup who has been nicknamed named "Friar Bigotón", or Friar Moustache in English, is an honorary brother with his own adorable little Franciscan habit and responsibilities.
Many mothers or soon-to-be-mothers around the world have little to no access to proper medical care, nutrition, birthing centers, and post-natal care.
One of the remarkable things about the founding of the Catholic faith is that it was not founded by powerful rulers and kings, but common workers and tradesmen
Of the 3 major monotheistic faiths of the world - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, only Christians consume pork, while the others consider it "unclean" or "haram"
You can help build churches in areas where there are none. You can help repair churches that have been damaged. You can be St. Francis in the 21st century.
Perhaps no other institution on Earth truly values and esteems women like the Catholic Church.
Celebrating Earth Day without keeping the Creator of all things top of mind, makes Earth Day incomplete. It is because all things were created by God as a gift that they are filled with ultimate meaning and value.
As if you needed more reasons to pray the Rosary, have you heard of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s 15 promises for those who pray it regularly?
Months and years after the hastags are forgotten, these people still need your help.