Beginning with Pope Paul VI's visit to New York City in 1965, the popemobile has been the primary form of transportation for the Supreme Pontiff. How did previous popes travel and make their appearances before the creation of the first popemobile?
For most, the thought probably hasn't even crossed their mind. A common explanation is that "masses" come to celebrate the Eucharist and thus the name is simply a shortened form of the word. Why exactly do we call it Mass?
During the infancy of the Church, the New Testament was gradually developed as early Church fathers agreed upon which texts to include during the canonization process. Most don't know about the book that almost made it into the Bible, The Shepherd of Hermas.
Since the Great Commission given by Christ to go and convert the whole world, missionaries have traveled to every corner of the Earth to spread the Gospel. One such corner of the Earth is the Golden State of California, founded in part by Catholic Missionaries.
The Vatican is home to some of the worlds greatest architectural achievements and packed with historical buildings. However, most don't know about the Tower of the Winds, a tower which helped create the calendar used by nearly everyone around the globe today.
The ichthys, also known colloquially as the "Jesus fish," has been a symbol representing Jesus Christ for nearly the entire history of the Church. What does this symbol actually mean, and how did it come to represent our Lord?
During the great religious persecution of Catholics under Roman Emperor Decius, seven young men retreated to a mountain cave after being told to recant their faith or face punishment of death. Over a hundred years later, they awoke to a very different world.
For almost 700 years the residents of Lyon, France prayed to a locally venerated saint. They prayed for his intercession to stave off sickness and protect their infants from danger. This is not unusual for Catholics, except this was no regular saint, this saint was a dog.
That easy smile. The bright, joyful eyes. The sweet calmness of an easy summer day. This picture could easily be a vintage family photograph; a snapshot from a joyous party or a farmer, just come in from the his fields,...
Known by many names, above all we call her Mary. As Catholics, we venerate Mary as the greatest of saints and can pray for her saintly intercession. Here are the top three little known titles of Mary and the history surrounding how they came to be associated with her.