Most scholars agree that our calendar, which begins with the birth of Christ, is off by a few years, with Jesus likely having been born in 4-6 B.C.
Only two or three Popes have been considered “Great” and this was only determined by Church historians many years after their death. Is Pope St. John Paul II the next?
At the Jesuit-run Marquette University stands the oldest structure in Milwaukee, the Chapel of St. Joan of Arc, built in the early 1400's, nearly 100 years before Columbus set sail for the New World. How did a medieval French chapel come...
Among beer aficionados, the mystique of Trappists beers is unique among brewers. But why did Catholic monks begin brewing beer?
For the many things HBO's "Young Pope" gets wrong, one thing it gets right is Pius XIII's relationship with women.
While many Protestants claim that the devotion to, and veneration of, Our Lady is a novelty developed by Papists in the Middle Ages, nothing can be further from the truth. An ancient prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the...
When I was ordained, I was welcomed to the brotherhood of my presbyterate, who saw me not just as an African-American, but truly as their brother!
Scholars have long disputed where to place Eden on a map of today, but the Book of Genesis gives some clues.
Was the only English Pope, Nicholas Breakspear known as Adrian IV, an ancestor of William Shakespeare?
This is the oldest known footage of a Pope in existence. This film of Pope Leo XIII was created in 1896.